I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

I just 1-IMG_1657-002received very exciting news: I’ve been “Freshly Pressed!” If you’re not a wordpress.com blogger yourself, you may think that I’ve gone mad, so let me explain. Being “freshly pressed” has nothing to do with any industrial process or making juice (at my age, I may not have much juice left in me anyway :)). _MG_5287All it means is that the WordPress.com editors chose one of my posts to be featured in their daily collection of most interesting posts.  This is an honor, and it also means that many more people will “discover” me and my blog.

When I first began blogging, I really wanted this to happen – and fast, too. I talked to other bloggers and I looked at the wordpress.com recommendations, which were all like this: write often, preferably every day. Yet I quickly realized that I’m just not cut out for that. For one thing, what would I write about every day? My life is not that exciting, and I don’t have any special skills the world is waiting for me to reveal.  Besides, the Internet is already filled with posts (including pictures) about dirty dishes sitting in a sink waiting to be washed, cups of coffee waiting to be drunk, and other mundane objects and events from bloggers’ everyday lives.IMG_5045 3

Things like that may be inspirational for certain people, and some of these posts are actually very good. But for me to get inspired, something unusual has to happen, like birds crashing into our windows, strange dreams invading my subconsciousnessa letter from Michelle Obama (are you intrigued? — a post about that is coming, stay tuned :)), traveling — that kind of thing. So, early on, I realized that blogging fame is not achievable for me, and therefore, I proceeded at my own pace – writing mostly once a month and mostly about things that give me pleasure or cause me distress.

And what do you know–two years later, it came! Which I found very surprising.  Do not take me wrong.  I am happy to be recognized (who wouldn’t be?), but I did not do – or write — anything differently. So, why now? Why at all?

When I was very young, I believed that life must be fair. Well, that didn’t last long, as life taught its lessons. Later I believed that one can control the future merely by planning for it.  That, of course, had to be corrected, too.  Now, I believe that life is unpredictable, and if you stick it out, you may actually get rewarded. Or not. You never know. The safest bet is to do what brings you joy — or solace. And that is a reward in itself._MG_6613

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20 thoughts on “I’ve been Freshly Pressed!

  1. I know I’m kinda late but I couldn’t just scroll up without saying something. You didn’t force the ideas out regularly because you wanted recognition and still…the recognition came! I’m kinda new here so pardon my late comment and accept my big CONGRATULATIONS!!


  2. Congratulations! I have just started a blog on word press and have wondered if I’ll ever get freshly pressed! 😊 thanks for this post which reminds me to focus on the fact that I love to write and that in itself is enough!


  3. Congratulations! When I read your post on dreams, I could relate. But I also like your saying here, “I proceeded at my own pace – writing mostly once a month and mostly about things that give me pleasure or cause me distress.” , same here:-)


  4. Was great to read your blog…advice came at exactly the right time for me. And can’t wait to hear about your letter. Carren


  5. Svetlana, I totally agree with your logic in the last paragraph – nicely said!… Which post of yours was chosen by wordpress.com? I am curious! They are all excellent, if you ask me :). And – a letter from Michelle Obama… no kidding!? Yes – “intrigued” is the word :). Can’t wait!

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