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IMG_1657-003Svetlana Grobman is a Jewish immigrant from Russia who was born in Moscow in 1951 and who moved to the United States in 1990.  While living in Russia, Svetlana was an engineer and an editor for the Soviet Encyclopedia.  Now, she is a librarian and freelance writer living in Missouri.  More about Svetlana here.


Svetlana’s memoir  The Education of a Traitor is scheduled to be published in January, 2015.  If you would like to be notified about its release, you may click here.

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Important Announcement!

New cover smallDear Friends, 

My dream of publishing my first book – my memoir — is about to come true!  I spent five years writing it, and I spent another year suffering through twenty or so rejections (and even more instances of dead silence) from literary agents and publishing houses.  Finally, after many emotional ups and downs, I decided to publish my book on my own (not a quick and easy project either :-)).  So, in a matter of weeks, The Education of a Traitor will be available from Amazon—first in a Kindle edition and later in print.  How do I feel about this?  I’m scared and excited. After all, it’s my baby that I’m releasing into the world! I hope it will find readers.

P.S. If you’d like to be notified when my book is released, you may click here.

And now,Travel 101: Nuremberg

Never in my life did I plan to travel to Nuremberg.For one thing, as far as I knew, it was a relatively ordinary German town, remembered mostly for the Nuremberg Trials, a series of military tribunals held by the Allied forces after World War II. For another thing, it’s hard for me, a Jew, to visit places whose prominence is based on their Nazi past. Yet there I was, with a group of tourists who were brought there by their passion for travel, and who were kept together by Tünde, our energetic Hungarian tour director, and Giorgio, our Italian bus driver.2903 h s

It was an English-speaking tour, although we had two South-Korean young women, six Lebanese middle-aged women, a Filipino family with an adult son (all now living in California), a Brazilian and a Portuguese married to each other (now living in Florida), quite a few Brits (some native to England and some brought there from Greece or Spain by marriage or other vagaries of life), lots of Australians, one former Russian (me) and several American couples – 47 people in all.

We were traveling to Prague (our tour started in Munich), and Nuremberg was just a convenient place for our bus to stop and for us to have lunch in the center of this medieval Bavarian town. Tünde gave us a brief introduction to the city, and Giorgio dropped us off in the Old Town. At first, we walked around the ornate Beautiful Fountain (that is its actual name!), densely 2900 hssurrounded by tourists trying to reach two golden rings welded within the fountain’s iron fence. (A legend says that if you turn the “golden ring” and make a wish, it will come true.) Then we spent several minutes gazing at the prominent facade of the Church of Our Lady, whose mechanical clock comes to life every day at noon, and, finally, wandered up the street to Kaiseburg Castle.

There was no lack of cafes and restaurants, many spilling invitingly onto the streets, offering beer, sausages and other German staples. Everything looked clean and appealing: the signs, the potted flowers on the window sills and the waitresses’ uniforms. After lunch, I thought briefly about visiting the Albrecht-Durer House, but our time in Nuremberg was up and soon we boarded our bus, ready to move on.

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