UntitledDear Friends,
My dream of publishing my first book — my memoir — has come true!  This book covers the first fifteen years of my life, but I spent five years writing it. Why so long? For one thing, I had to learn to write in English, for I came to this country knowing only Russian (and a little German:)). For another, my childhood was not happy. In fact, some of the things that happened to me then haunt me even now, and it hasn’t been easy to relive them. Yet that’s all in the past. My book, The Education of a Traitor: A Memoir of Growing Up in Cold War Russia, is, finally,  available from I hope readers will like it:)

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17 thoughts on “MY BOOK IS OUT!

  1. Great work!! It’s amazing people are achieving so much in writing. I started blogging only three months ago but hope to reach somewhere one day. It’s not just being a good writer that matters but pure confidence as well as patience to go through publishing rigmaroles, in short, being professional.

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  2. Yay! Congrats! I reblogged on Can’t wait to read your book! Hoping you will have signed copies at your DBRL talk in May.
    I love your site here as well. And the photos are superb.


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